Voting Safety During Covid-19

A Made-for-Purpose Polling-Places Barriers Set providing protection at every station.

  • Id and Registration
  • Voting Booths
  • Ballot Box Scanner

Increase the confidence of voters and election officials

  • Provide enhanced safety to protect voters and officials
  • Increase voter and election-officials confidence
  • Minimize costs
  • Increase the number of voters that can be accommodated at any time, especially at peak hours.
  • Improve the ability to recruit Polling-Place Volunteers by re-assurance on safety actions.

Harkness Protective Barriers


For Social Distancing, Sneeze and Droplets Guard, Airflow Diverter

Robust but Light-weight and Flexible PVC, Easy to Clean and Sanitize, Fire-Retardant NFPA 701

The lighter, flexible alternative to plexiglass


Registration / Id

Desk-Top Divider

6ft Width X 4ft Height

  • Clear PVC Barrier
  • Open Space at bottom to pass documents
  • Side and center Dividers to separate officials

Voting Booths

Floor-Standing Divider

4ft Width X 6ft Height

  • Opaque PVC Barrier
  • Options:
    • Floor-Standing or
    • Booth-Mounted
  • Provides privacy for ballot marking

Ballot-Box Scanner

Two-Sided Divider

4ft Width X 4ft Width X 6ft Height

  • Clear PVC Barrier
  • Options:
    • Floor-Standing or
    • Booth-Mounted
  • Provides privacy for ballot marking

Product Details

All our PVC Protective Barriers

Manufactured in Harkness’ Virginia factory

High-quality, suppliers of PVC screens for 90 years, including to major companies such as Disney, Dolby, IMAX, AMC, Regal, Cinemark

  • Fire-Retardant – NFPA 701-2015 
  • Sneeze and droplets guard, airflow diverter,
  • Social distancing separating spaces & people
  • Creates barriers for each station in a polling-place, easily placed in any building. 
  • Robust but light-weight and flexible PVC
  • Easy to Clean and Sanitize
  • High-Quality
  • Clear, White and Antimicrobial
  • Strong, Furniture-grade Frame
  • Ready to Assemble
  • Not as heavy as Plexiglas
  • No sharp edges
  • Doesn’t scratch 
  • Robust but flexible

Id & Registration Stations


Full Desk Barrier

Protects Front, Sides, Middle


For 180° protection


Protects side-by-side Election Workers

Lower Gap

To Pass Documents

Voting Booths


Privacy Barriers

Place between Voting Booths

Privacy Barriers

Separate multiple Booths

Privacy Barriers

Floor-Standing Opaque-White

Privacy Barriers

Also available in Clear

Ballot Box – Scanner – Attendant Protection Pod

Two-Sided Barrier

Two-Sided Barrier

Protects on two sides

Two-Sided Barrier

Easy to monitor & access Scanner

Manufactured by Harkness Screens, located in Botetourt County Virginia USA

Pivoting during Covid-19 crisis from Movie-theatre Screens to Protective Barriers