High-Quality PVC Vinyl Sneeze Guards

A Flexible, Lightweight & Portable Alternative to Acrylic. Made in USA in FDA approved factory. By the #1 global designer and fabricator of high-performance PVC surfaces.

Sneeze Guard

With Eyelets


6ft H X 4ft W

(Screen Only – No hardware fixings included)

From $99

Rolls up to 96ft available

For a quote:

With Frame

Sneeze Guard large white background

6ft H X 5ft W
4ft H X 5ft W

(Screen & Frame included)

From $179

Ceiling Hanging


4ft H X 6ft W
4ft H X 4ft W

(Screen & Bars included)

Made-to-Order Sizes

Up to 100 ft Height & 135 ft Width

From $119

Sneeze Guard Face-Shields


Face Shield Headband - Artistic

From $3.45


Hat visor 2

From $37 per cap with 10 replacement visors

Kids Hat-Shield


From $15.99

From the world’s leading provider of movie-theatre screens, Harkness

For 90 years we have made the huge screens you love watching movies on, 65% of screens in theatres globally are made by Harkness

And still are… But…

During the Covid Crisis our teams have also turned to providing sneeze guard protective barriers using the same high-quality PVC Vinyl processing and quality skills.

Who trusts in Harkness’ quality, engineering, technology and products…

Where can Harkness Protect Sneeze Guard Barriers be Used:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Government Buildings
  • Retailers & Grocery Stores
  • Movie-Theatres
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Polling-Places
  • Events
  • Temporary Venues
  • Public Places